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and the greatest is 
and LOVE
 We must lead with 3 virtues . . .
We, as leaders, have the responsibility
to help bring healing
to our Nation and our World.
We must stop looking at
our differences . . .

. . . as God gave us our differences

to be able to work in SYNERGY together

to help all mankind.

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Let us be the healers.

We must move away from maintenance ministries for the church congregation and begin to build leaders and staff that are mentors, disciples, trainers, and educators to help grow the community. 

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Let us have a conversation and

ask how we can get clarity

to bring people together.


Where do we go from here? 

We have the why and where

and the directions and answers.

Let us make the

adjustment now 

for the future.

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pastors and teachers.jpg

We must build

the partnership for we are

the Pastors, the leaders, and teachers.

Developing maturity

and diversity

in people

is not an option.

It is an 

essential ingredient

for our businesses,

our communities,

and especially

our families.

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Please contact me

and let me be part

of the solution!

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