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Global Corporate

     Milford Adams brings a holistic view to an organization’s needs, objectives, and implementation strategies that will provide exponential value in reducing costs, increasing profitability, and efficiency.  Whatever it is the organization's business section, location, structure, or culture, he will act as a partner to help the organization develop and adopt successful objectives.

Milford Adams will help the organization to perform and

successfully grow

        1) Global Strategy

              a) Develop Portfolio Strategy

              b) Optimize the Supply Chain

              c) Develop Location Strategy and site Selections

              d) Review Economic Incentives

         2) Facilities Management

              a) Review and Develop Facilities Operations

              b) Assess Vendor and Contract Management

              c) Provide Sustainability Assessment


         3) Develop Strategy and Human Experience

              a) Develop Workplace Strategies

              b) Train Staff

              c) Develop Vision, Mission Statements, and Culture



Milford Adams can help to

build your organization

an international presence.

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