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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity Programs

The Program Design

     Milford Adams has designed a number of programs dealing with diversity that has revolutionized corporate diversity training.  The programs address the internal individual corporate associations that deal with the interaction of diversity and inclusion.

     The programs will enable the business, regardless of their size, to bring all minority and disadvantaged groups together.  This results in the successful integration of employees and management in a unified work collectively that enhances the operations of the business and a corresponding increase in revenue.

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     In the environment that Milford Adams creates, all members of the business will work succinctly as one successful team – from top management to each and every employee. His program and his innate team building ability brings people together and inspires them to the pinnacle of success.


A Passion for Creating Integrity

     The programs that Milford Adams designs demonstrate a passion for communities and businesses.  The basic premise of the programs is designed to enhance the lives of not only the people but the  integrity of the business. The results and implementations of the programs will lead to greater productivity with happier employees and responsive management.  The inherent results of the programs are due to his thorough analysis of the organization’s structure that results in the unified consensus of successful programs.  Programs that assures that all the voices, within the business, are heard. 

      What the program accomplishes is that it develops an inherent feeling that all voices and input are welcomed, thus creating a culture that will shape the integrity and future of a healthy and successful business.

Building and Developing People

     Building and developing people, communities, organizations, and businesses are the heart of this initiative for Milford Adams.  His belief is that with a properly designed Diversity Programs all of the members of the organization will have the ability to exchange ideas, concepts, problems, and successes in order to implement positive change.

     The programs foster and install, in all individuals, that their

uniqueness is of value to the organization and that the programs

promote, in each, a sense of pride in who they are and their diverse


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Companies are Getting Pushed into Re-Entering

     Milford Adams has the expertise, skills, and experience to implement the vision of this Diversity Program.  It is sad to say that other organizations, around our nation, have attempted to initiate an effort to develop a Diversity and Inclusion without much success. Corporations, Businesses, and even small organizations, that had previously pulled out because diversity issues were either not a priority or were too great a challenge, are now getting pushed back into re-entering this diversity arena.

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A Recognized Authority

     Recognized as an authority in Diversity Programs and Training, Milford  Adams has been contacted by multiple Corporations, Businesses, and Organizations, both large and small, enlisting his expertise in assisting them with the design, development, and implementation of successfully implemented Diversity Programs.  They have seen the successful changes that he has been able to implement in their organizations and how well his Diversity Programs have been received.     

     Milford Adams has been working in conjunction with CEOs, Chairpersons of Boards, Board of Directors, Corporate Presidents, and other heads of organizations, including 501c3’s, to help them design, develop, and implement successful Diversity Training Programs.  He was able to install joint tasks force, diversity assessment tool, and a universal monitoring system which has proven to be of immense value to employees, managers, owners, and investors.

National Recognition

     Sitting on numerous panels with Senators and Congress members, Milford Adams is helping to find solutions to heal our Nation. He has received National recognition from such organizations as the National Association of Realtors, which has approximately 1.4 million members. In addition, he has received recognition from the White House, where the Department of Justice Representatives met with him to ascertain how he was able able to design a National Diversity Program that would successfully bring all the minority groups together and would unify a national mission that would serve the community as a whole.


An Atmosphere of Openness and Honesty

     Milford Adams, through his skills, knowledge, and expertise has created an atmosphere of openness and honesty where all people, regardless of their race, age, gender, or disability will never feel judged and would never again feel afraid to speak candidly about the injustices they experienced. Then he has designed a successful implementation forum that universally will allow all individuals to work together, as a group, to successfully correct those injustices.  This will enable all individuals to just notoriety and recognition for the common good of all involved. This program brings integrity for all through fair, open, and honest communication.

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