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About Milford Adams

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Milford Adams has over 24 years of professional experience working in both the private and the public sectors at the senior management level, including being a successful corporation manager for a Fortune 500 company.  He also started his own business with only $295 growing it to 5 locations.  In addition to this, Milford was a founder in the creation of an accreditation chartered financial institution Credit Union.   His experience in residential and commercial real estate has helped build awareness for affordable housing.  

Milford Adams has worked as a volunteer for over 11 years for the Denver Rescue Mission as a facilitator and teacher where he has worked, guided, developed, and helped with transitional housing and life skills.  Moreover, he founded The Community Alliance dealing with diversity in housing. 


Milford Adams also serves on local and state boards.   He has created a program for diversity inclusion that has caught the eye of the White House, where a team from the Department of Justice came to hear how he was able to accomplish such a program.  

Milford Adams is not stopping there.  He is in the process of building a Leadership Academy that would transform and develop leaders, CEO's, Presidents, managers, and families for triumph aimed at tomorrow's success. These individuals will lead our Local and State level from City Councils, Mayors, Governors, Senators, Congress, large and small business owners, to families.   He knows and understands that families are the backbone of any healthy community.  He will support them in multiple ways from beginning to end to make sure they are successful.  

The aim of Milford Adams is to build a community where everyone feels welcome. The project will cost over 30 million dollars.  He is currently raising funds to build a state-of-the-art campus for professionals and teachers who want to help and have a passion to serve so all can work together to enhance our nation.  

The programs that Milford Adams will be building the whole body from four years old up to 120 years old.   His goal is to assist in learning more about their purpose and developing leaders in their areas of influence.  

You can give to his 501c3 to help build this campus.  Do not have the $$$ but still want to be involved? Come serve with us as paid staff or a volunteer.  He loves retired volunteers as well.   

Milford Adams has received many awards and has committed his life to helping others.  He has always said it has to be done in the spirit of excellence and commitment in everything that he is involved in. 


Milford Adams is a proven dynamic national speaker

and provides consulting on a variety of topics including

leadership, small business development, corporate training,

and corporate integrity with diversity. 

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