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Personnel Development

Personnel Development

     It is recognized that good personnel development is not just the job of HR, it must be in the business’ DNA. Personnel development needs to be an integral part of everyday life at work. Personnel development supports the professional development of employees and management, thusly winning their long-term service for the company.  What Milford Adams does is to evaluate, identify, develop, and implement solutions.

What Milford Adams does

  • Focus on relevant competencies

  • Make specialist competencies available

  • Develop formal and informal learning

  • Implement internal and external training programs

  • Distinguish between leadership and management


Work to Focus on Relevant Competencies

     Milford Adams knows that both the employee and

management must have a clear understanding of the

competencies that are required to do the job and what

the employee must possess.

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     Relevant competencies for current tasks and goals are jointly understood, assessed, and developed in a strategically accurate manner. It is important that the employee take the lead with regard to defining required competencies and their professional development goals, as this facilitates trust and a sense of responsibility.


Management of Competencies

            In developing a competent management team, it is not just a simple question of training but has become collaboration among colleagues of similar experience and expertise in the area.  Making the employee’s skills transparent, this fosters specialist collaboration within the organization.  Knowing and understanding the knowledge and competencies that are within the organization, will provide excellent tools that can be leveraged for new projects that use the internal skillsets. 

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Categorizing Skill Profiles

     Milford Adams will ensure that your personnel

development is systematic and will create job profiles with a universal core competency that is adjustable. "Job families" will be created for profiles that require the same competencies, making it easier to compare and to derive effective personnel development programs. In some areas, this provides the necessary degree of standardization for appraisals and development-oriented reviews.

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